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Who is Harriet Cohen and why should I read what she writes?   I could put the formal bio and I will give you a little bit of it but instead I would like you to know why I do what I do.

I have always been a connector linking resources and information people need to achieve their goals.  I am also a life long learner who imparts that information to clients.  I am a strategist who can see the big picture as well as the component parts.  Combine that and you can understand the joy and excitment I feel when I see someone launch their business and achieve success because of the tools and information I have provided them.  I have been doing this for 20 years and still love it.

Below is a samll part of my bio.  I’d enjoy hearing from you and sharing ideas.

Harriet Cohen founder of TRAINING SOLUTIONS, works with organizations and individuals to assure they have foundational infrastructures addressing plans, marketing and people. Current projects address performance management, compliance, diversity, strategic/business planning, marketing, customer driven quality, management and employee development, and talent management.

Harriet’s first hand knowledge of business strategies and procedures, combined with her delivery skills offer both the practical and theoretical information needed to excel in today’s marketplace. She has given presentations to both national and international audiences.

The American Society for Training and Development Los Angeles Chapter has recognized her for contributions to the field of professional development, and has commended her leadership

Harriet received her BA from the University of Massachusetts and her M.Ed. from Boston State College. She is an instructor in Management and Human Resource Development at the University of California Los Angeles.


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