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Lesson Learned January 9, 2013

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When I work with clients on their marketing plan, we talk about the best use of their budget and what will achieve their desired results.  One of the key tools some of my clients use and I use is the blog.  I post it through Tumblr on Facebook and WordPress on Linkedin and people have subscribed to it.  


I felt this was an easy and effective way for clients and future clients to learn about me and see my credibility and expertise.   After seeing the stats from Facebook I was wrong.  One third of the people read my blog on Facebook that read my comments and blurbs.  I recently announced a friend’s birthday and 2/3 more people read and commented on that than my blog.  


Ok so now what do I do with this information.  I write the blog anyway so I can still post it; but it would be better to do tips and just make random comments to attract followers.  Do the followers become clients?  Hasn’t really happened yet so just like my clients it’s time to reassess the value of Facebook to my business.


I hope you are doing the same thing.  So often I hear I have to be on Facebook and my website has to be this or that and the question becomes why, what is the benefit?   I am looking at other options.  One of them is to be part of  HYPERLINK “http://www.finadanexpertonline.com” http://www.finadanexpertonline.com. They will help me get my name out there and have lots of options.  I have to make sure I get them all my information before February 5th because my mastermind group is holding me to it.


As the New Year begins, it’s time for us all to re-evaluate what we are doing in all aspects of our businesses and make sure we are on track for our success. 


Assuming January 3, 2013

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As you get ready for a new year, increasing revenue and growing your business, it’s time to assess how you are perceived by your clients/customers.  This is also the time to see if your marketing truly reflects all you offer.


I was reminded of this because of a conversation I had with colleagues over the holiday.  We were discussing the successes and misses of some businesses over the last year.  Of course the first rationale was the economy.  Which is one of the lamest reasons and not even viable.  Did you know there are companies that can’t find the qualified staff they need?? Ok I digress.  


One of the businesses mentioned was a mall franchised jewelry store.  Their big campaign is they pay more for gold and diamonds.  I said that wouldn’t bring me in unless I had either to sell which I don’t.  I was asked what jeweler I use (Moyen and Company Westlake Village) and why.  The reason is the selection but more is the customization and the customer service that no job is too small, even watch batteries.  I was told that the mall store customized as well.  How would I know that?  It’s never in their ads.


We all provide more services than our primary ones, but if our customers don’t know that they won’t ask.  They will just go somewhere else.  I have a client for whom I have done executive coaching and some compliance training.  They needed presentation skills for an executive, which is in the realm of my coaching.  For as much as they know what I can do, they still asked 1st who I would recommend, and were pleased to know it was part of my tool kit.  


What sales are you missing because people don’t see all you can do?  The cleaners I use do amazing tailoring (Passion cleaners in Agoura Hills), but their ads talk about other things that don’t mean that much.  Yes, they changed the ad.


As the year begins don’t assume your customers know all you can do, ask them how they perceive you.  If their perceptions don’t match your intentions, it’s time to fix your message.