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Is everyone replaceable? February 17, 2015

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This question came up when I gave an assignment to the management class at UCLA. The case was about an elderly bus boy that went above and beyond helping customers despite a limp. He seemed to get immense pleasure but was fired because he was seen as a distraction by the upper levels and the other people who bussed tables didn’t do what he did.

I am not sure if the reaction and comments from the students was related to their generation, mostly y with a few generation x, of if this is a universal concept.

Rather than look at what work the individual was doing and perhaps raise the level of the others they all wanted to fire him and simply continue as before.

Statistics show that it can cost up to 3 times an annual salary to hire an individual on any level. Putting money issues aside, I was surprised that the students didn’t ask about a customer satisfaction survey even though the author of the article was most appreciative of the extra service. Nobody questioned customer expectation and if receiving extra service correlated to increased revenue. With the exception of this individual all other service was mediocre in terms of doing the basic minimum and nothing more.

Questions to ponder on a Tuesday

Do we simply replace those who march to a different drummer or should we ask why and see how that can impact our business?

Do we accept mediocrity as the norm or do we try to excel?

Could this be a generational concept that each person do what they are told and nothing more? I really hope this is not even close to being accurate.

How do we motivate employees to see opportunities to improve their performance and thereby that of the business?


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