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What Do YOU Really Do? July 11, 2012

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Last blog I talked about delegating and why it is so valuable at whatever stage your business is in.  Before you can delegate it’s important to know what you do and how valuable each task is in relation to the job.


Here’s a perfect example:  a CPA is not only doing the accounting but also doing all the data input.  Ideally he should hire an assistant to do data input.   If the assistant takes 8 hours to input the data @ $15/hour and the CPA needs 2 hours to complete the project, which is invoiced at $400; the CPA earns $280.  If the CPA does the work by himself he is earning $40/hour and not able to spend time marketing for new clients.  Not logical!!


Write your job description, include everything you do daily weekly monthly. Think about the tasks you do, from returning calls, to filing, to checking social media, to any other repeated task and determine if someone else can do it.    If you have a store do you have people who can assist so you can leave to attend networking or go on buying trips?  Once one of my clients wrote her job description and procedures she was able to take two weeks to go on a buying trip.


Yes you may be the head of the business but that doesn’t make you the expert in all things.  Be smart focus on your expertise and hire the rest either internally or externally.  If money is an issue, get an intern.  Many vocational schools and colleges are desperate for real life experience for their students.  I know of one law school that needs to find real life experience for law students..


Be smart delegate so you can do what you are passionate about and create a structure for your success.


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