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True Confessions February 13, 2012

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Today I want to tell you about mistakes I made that will cost me in hopes you can avoid it.

 In September 2009 I had a medical procedure called MOHS for a basal cell carcinoma on my nose.   (It’s a mild form of skin cancer and I’m fine) I have since learned you should never have MOHS done on your face especially nose, ear, mouth or eye area as the healing is never right. I still have trouble breathing through the left nasal canal and will need to have it corrected.  So that was mistake number 1 not learning that radiation would have been better.

Mistake number 2 was not getting all the financial costs clear initially and thinking the doctor would work with me beyond insurance.  After insurance paid the initial bill I was shocked to receive a 2nd much larger bill.  I should have asked more questions. I encourage my clients to ask questions and in business I always get as much information as I can yet here I relied on assumptions.

 Mistake number 3 was when I asked for a payment plan and being talked into GE Care credit payment plan www.carecredit.com  and again not asking enough questions.  For the last 18 months I paid half of what I owed. 

 Mistake number 4 was not reading the bill and simply paying it only to find out that after 18 months I owe $1100 in interest added on to my balance and the new interest rate is 26%

Yes I called them and asked to lower the interest rate and their response was very simple “no” and tough you didn’t read the bill.

 So lessons learned:

  1. Ask      lots of questions before you proceed.
  2. Learn      everything about anything that affects your health or business.
  3. Get 2nd      opinions or 3rd, don’t rely on one recommendation.
  4. Trust      your instincts if something doesn’t seem right don’t do it.
  5. Don’t      use GE care credit for anything medical unless you can repay it in 18      months. By the way they cover elective procedures not just necessities.
  6. Read      the fine print


We all get busy and sometimes just do what needs to be done and don’t look at repercussions.  I didn’t and now I have to pay the price.  Be smarter, don’t make my mistake.


1. Nicole - February 14, 2012

Harriet – I saw your post and would we’d llike to review your account and see how we can assist. A member of our escalted support team will contact you shortly.

We’ve assigned an internal case number for your reference: DM 021412_tsblog

GE Capital

trainingsolutionshlc - February 14, 2012

Thank you for posting this and I just received a call the $1100 has been removed. I appreciate you taking the time to connect with me and resolve this issue

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