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Chase.com August 22, 2011

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This is a hard blog for me to write as Chase cut my credit limit in ½ when they took over Washington Mutual.  Their response at the time was I was randomly selected and they could do it.; lucky me

 This blog is actually to praise them about a smart move they made that you can do too.. Hey maybe they will raise my limit and reduce my interest rate! It could happen!

 I want you to visit  www.chase.com  and check out instant storefront.  Somebody had to have done a really good SWOT analysis and looked at opportunities.  They saw that a lot of small businesses are starting on-line, and they saw the preponderance of women starting or growing who need on line help and shopping carts.  They created a one stop shop!  They help set up the website and domain and of course the shopping cart..  The hosting is a little high at $29.95/ month plus credit card fees but it depends on how much it covers.  I haven’t fully investigated it.  You can get just the shopping cart as well.  From what I have seen they are making it easy for people who don’t know who to hire to do a website or aren’t tech savvy.  They are also having their female executives on shows focused at women describing the process.

 What opportunities can you cultivate?  If you are a web designer how can you tweak this for your potential clients?  Can you partner with a bank?  How can you take products or services out there, bundle them and make them better?  When was the last time you did a SWOT and really analyzed the market and the opportunities that await you?

 (By the way if you want more information on SWOT check out my e-book Goals to SWOT only $5.99 plus tax and yes I need to get a shopping cart to make ordering easier, may have to go to Chase.  In the mean time just e-mail me harriet@trainingsolutions-hlc.com and I’ll be happy to send you the downloadable book through paypal. )


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