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Education Beyond Books August 17, 2011

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 I have the good fortune to teach a management class to a wide range of national and international students who have all graduated college. Some of them are debating getting an MBA and some are getting certified in business and management. This quarter there was a large group of students from Italy and France. A few things struck me as interesting. First and foremost I was so impressed with their grasp of English. Many of them are not only bi-lingual but multi-lingual. It made me want to go back and review my French and maybe learn other languages at least a little. I was surprised about the differences in university study, and I wondered if undergraduate and graduate studies in this country were the same. The majority, no matter the country would describe their studies as straight lecture or they could skip it and just read the book, which was usually huge and costly. I know my general undergrad classes were often lecture but those in both my major and minor were interactive and grad school was definitely interactive. Was I just lucky? They were so excited about analyzing cases and informal classes especially sharing ideas. Other interesting observations were they came to this country to get better training in business and international studies. Several were afraid they wouldn’t be as good in a job market if they took a year off and got life experience. And their biggest fear was if they didn’t get degrees right away nobody would hire them. I hope they continue their learning from all facets and seeking opportunities all around them. Are you doing the same?


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