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Confusing People… August 10, 2011

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Alright I admit it sometimes I do things just to confuse people but the results are amazing.  I am talking about random silliness; smiling at strangers and telling them to have a nice day or if the person in the check out line behind you has one small item, paying for it.  I even stop to let cars enter traffic. J


Today people are so occupied with cell phones and texting they have forgotten how to interact with each other in person.  Holding the door for someone, saying please, and thank you, or even good morning can actually get someone to stop and be aware of who and what is around them.  When you randomly smile at people it may be the only greeting they received that day; how sad.


Let’s take this one step further in business. Doesn’t it feel nice when someone not only answers your question about a location of an item but walks you to where it is and makes sure it’s what you want?


We’ve all heard that when you smile on the phone it translates even though you can’t be seen.  Make sure whenever you leave a voice mail to smile; you might get a faster call back.


I was recently in a couple of different offices for service. In one everyone smiled and even laughed, it was contagious and comfortable.  It’s a relatively new company that is growing and gaining a nice reputation. Another office had some people who were welcoming but most were curt. Although the CEO was friendly and responsive he complained about the difficulty getting good staff; wonder the expectations he set.


So I encourage you to smile laugh and have a good time.. It may confuse people at first but I bet they join you.



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