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Times Are Changing!!! August 1, 2011

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We know the expression if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.  How many of you are doing same old?


As many of you know I teach a management class at UCLA and many of the students are international.  This quarter a lot of the students are from Italy and we were talking about the impact of the lower birthrate and population decline especially there and throughout Europe.  Where are they getting new skilled workers?  How will this impact the culture in Europe?


Then I was watching a program about Brazil one of BRIC ( Brazil, Russia, India, and China) They have some amazing forward programs including “green” technology; and here again skilled labor is an issue. They import what they need such as welders from the US.


In this country we are having a problem needing unskilled laborers especially in agricultural areas.  How ironic.


Do we have enough skilled labor to export and maintain our companies?  What will the world economy look like in 20 years?


In your companies what are you doing to prepare for changes that may take place globally or are you still doing the same thing?


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