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Helping the Future July 25, 2011

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We all know how important it is to plan for the future to make sure we have our retirement and other essentials. We work hard for today and hopefully tomorrow, knowing the impact on opportunities down the road.


What are you doing to affect the future of others who indirectly impact your future?  Let me explain.  Did you know that in many school districts 50% of girls will not graduate? The impact of dropping out of school on girls, who already face severe obstacles to employment and livable wages, is both devastating and costly to the individual, the community and to the nation. Our social service systems are beyond the breaking point and can’t service all who need them.  Tax dollars are not solving the problem only perpetuating it. Just think of the possibilities of reaching just 20 of every 100 girls who are at risk of dropping out of school because of teen pregnancy, or other environmental factors


Boys are also at risk, many of them continuing cycles of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as incarceration. This is happening in all strata. Who pays for all of this? We do.  But I have learned of organizations that are making a difference and with your help can make a huge impact.


EmpowHer Institute (www.empowHer.org)  instills a desire for learning, and fosters aptitudes that empower girls and women to achieve successful futures, fulfilling their varied and wondrous potentials, by teaching entrepreneur skills in middle and high schools.

Spark Apprenticeship (www.sparkprogram.org ) has apprenticeship programs beginning in middle school.

There are so many others that are helping mold a better future and need your assistance in either time, money, or both.  I encourage you to find something that is impacting the potential of our students and of our environment and lend a hand so you can have the opportunities and dreams you want



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