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Where do you get information? July 20, 2011

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We are bombarded with information and sound bytes; in fact we get more information in one day than the average person living in the 1930s received in a lifetime. The question is how valid is some of the information and how do you use it?


The recent scandal in the UK over the tabloid, reminds us that just because it’s in print doesn’t mean it’s true.  I have difficulty with local news as so much of it is sensational filler or car chases.  The once reliable newspapers have also reduced their coverage and shown their true bias.


To better understand what is happening in your market, see what professional/ business magazines are available.  I like a variety I read Strategy +Business, Talent Management, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly and a few others.  No I don’t spend hours; some I see on line and some are hard copy and some I just peruse in a waiting room.  Many people swear by WSJ as being the least biased and most thorough.  I also read blogs of people I respect and I watch some news programs; Bill Maher to 60 minutes to McLaughlin Report.  Other resources can include mastermind groups, seminars etc.


You need to get information from a variety of sources then make up your own mind based on the facts you have and how it impacts you.  Now here’s the most important part about all of this; information is only what has happened.  Once you have all the information how you apply it to create your future is what is key!  It will help you identify new business opportunities and steer away from problem areas.


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