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How CEO’s are different… June 29, 2011

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Ok so we know they are different and I see that when working with my clients and especially when working with the members of the CEO Roundtable   (for more information on the group, e-mail me harriet@trainingsolutions-hlc.com).


Not only do they need to look at the strategic direction of the organization but they need to determine how each goal and strategy impacts various departments and functions in the organization.  Recently in our group we looked at balanced scorecards and how the vision and goals can be addressed through customer service, finance, or learning.  .


Having a strategy is great but the impact has to be addressed to make sure nothing falls through the cracks as the systems and processes are being developed.  Strategic thinking also needs data to assure the path is the right one. The CEOs in my group had amazing aha moments when they heard Seena Sharp of www.sharpmarket.com show them how we assume facts that may not be right for our businesses.  Here’s one for you, which group; Black, Hispanic, Asian, or White has the highest smart phone penetration? Lowest?


Here’s another one. Which energy sources have the highest or lowest death rates per watts produced?   If you e-mail me I’ll give you the answers based on Seena’s research or check out her book “Competitive Intelligence Advantage”.


CEOs need a place to share and learn with and from other CEOs as well as identifying key resources.  Where are you going to get your learning?  Are you being a true strategic thinker or are you still stuck in running your business.  To be a real CEO you need to think differently and to do this you need to talk to and meet with other CEOs, that’s why we started CEO Roundtable and others have started different groups for CEOs on various levels. Find one that works best for you.



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