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CEOs are different June 27, 2011

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This week both blogs are going to be talking about the different mindset a CEO needs to have and where they need to get support.


As some of you know, I co-facilitate a CEO round table for CEOs of 15 -100 employees; they are the small to mid size companies.  This group may have some advisors but often do not have a board of directors.  Whether or not they have these resources, they need to meet with others who think the same way they do.  What does that mean?  Strategic!


Whether you are a solopreneur or a corporate head, your focus has to be looking towards the future.  Yes you need to know what is happening operationally, but as a CEO you need to know the impact of your decisions 6 months to a year down the road and even 5-10 years.  This takes a different mindset and is not how employees or managers usually think that is why CEOs need a place of their own to vent, and learn.


In our group it is fascinating to see how they support each other and offer amazing resources.  It also intrigues me that certain tools that I think are basic and have taught my management students, the CEOs either never used or forgot to use.  Even tools as simple as a SWOT can help them see new ideas and concepts; what tools do you need to learn or reuse?


If you are in East Ventura County or West SFV and a CEO  that fits the criteria and would like to join our group, we meet once a month for 4 hours contact me. Harriet@trainingsolutions-hlc.com



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