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It’s Summertime!!!! June 20, 2011

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It’s summertime!


The longest day of the year in terms of sunlight is tomorrow.  Have you noticed how attitudes change in the summer?  We become more relaxed; maybe it’s more time spent in the sun.  We are also more active. More networking may be done outdoors in more casual settings.


How does this affect your business and your customers?  Some may be less hurried about projects or buying things, others may be taking vacations; how will you adjust?


Can you offer a different product or service for the summer?  Can you align with other services to offer outdoor programs?  Even just changing decorations in the office or store can make a difference.


Most of us dress differently in the summer; how does that affect your interactions?  Are they more casual?  That doesn’t mean that serious business doesn’t still take place but it does mean that the methods may change.  Be aware of how your clients react to warm weather and adjust accordingly.  Serious work still gets done.  Lots of deals are written and goods sold, it just has a different feel.


Go enjoy the sunshine and feel the energy then pass that on and have a profitable summer.


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