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Do you know what others do to your name? April 13, 2011

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It’s always hard for new businesses to delegate to others and especially to think about hiring sales staff to represent them.  The big guys need to be even more aware of the impact of this situation.


Let me tell you about my AT&T experience.  As many of you know if you have been reading my blog I finally got a new cell phone and it has been an interesting study of customer service and support.  I bought my phone from Radio Shack (www.radioshack.com) where I was sold way more phone than I needed with minimal direction. I was never asked what I needed in a phone, what I wanted or how I was going to use it.  Also the sales person wrote the wrong information and you should have seen my reaction to the 1st bill that was double what it should have been!!!  Thank you AT&T service for fixing that, but it’s time away from work that was not necessary.


The good news is AT&T (www.att.com) immediately sent me a tutorial it was relatively easy to use but didn’t answer all my questions especially why I couldn’t connect to e-mail and how to set up my outlook calendar.  So off I go to the AT&T store near me only to learn it’s a retailer not corporate so they can’t exchange my phone nor can they figure out my questions.  The best part was when they found out I purchased it at Radio Shack and they said the people there were F@#$%^&  A@#$holes.  The guy that was allegedly helping me couldn’t be bothered to get up and kept looking at his computer screen.   As to getting e-mail he tells me only customer care form AT&T on line can help.


My question is does AT&T know that people who sell their product have terrible customer service and poor attitudes?  Do they know that their reputation is at stake?  Do they care?  What would be the impact of a few well placed comments on Twitter or Facebook?


The question for you now becomes how do you control your image and your name?  Do you have procedures and quality checks to monitor this type of situation?  It doesn’t matter how small or how large the business,  in today’s market word travels fast.  I wonder if anyone will refrain from using AT&T because of my experience.  I would love to hear your perspective let me know your experience.  Unfortunately I’m not done yet let’s compare notes.


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