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Cell Phones…. March 30, 2011

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I finally had to get a new one.  I was content with mine.  It made calls and I could text if I had to.. Now because the battery wouldn’t say in tightly it kept shutting off and after 5 years it’s time to replace it.. I did think the duck tape to hold the battery was a unique touch….ok maybe not.


Now I have a new cell phone and so many bells and whistles it’s making me nuts.  I figured if I was going to upgrade I might as well just do it but maybe I went too far.  Do I really need all of the things it offers? Nope!  I feel like a kid when my mother bought things bigger than I needed saying I would grow into it.


I have 28 days to decide if I should keep it or downgrade to something simpler.  Oh and this is not an Iphone or even a 4g it’s a 3g; got a  good deal!


I know the purpose of marketing Is to either fill a need or create a need then fill it Did I fall into the trap of thinking I needed all the bells and whistles?  Will I be like everyone else who tells me how necessary all the apps are?


How hard was it to learn your phones?  Do you use everything on it?  Do you need it or is it just fun to have?  Is there an easy way to learn all this stuff, besides asking a 10 year old??


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