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Favors March 2, 2011

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I just read and article in Harvard Business Review about closing the loop on favors and I couldn’t agree more.  Thank you Jodi Glickman, for an excellent article about letting people know outcomes.


Interestingly, this follows my blog on follow-up and perhaps it’s symptomatic of the changes in our society in terms of manners.  For me it just lets me know who I will continue to help and who is now cut off.


I am most fortunate to have a large and diverse network and can assist clients and colleagues in making connections. I don’t mind making these links as others have done for me; but let me know what happened.  Did the person I connected you to respond?  Did they help?  Feedback helps me know who I can call on and who I can’t.


When people don’t let me know the results of contacts I feel “used” and that doesn’t feel good.  We all like to be helpful and contributed to somebody being able to get closer to their goals, but we can’t do that if we don’t get updates and status reports.  Sadly, we both lose.  I don’t know if you need more and you don’t get additional resources from me. Stay in touch, good or bad let us know what worked or didn’t.




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