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Is Free Really Free? November 3, 2010

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Is Free Really Free?


We all sign up for webinars or seminars or ½ hour calls that say they are free and are going to give us this secret or that,  and sadly often don’t.  Then they inundate us with e-mails and offers until we scream STOP and unsubscribe!


Then when others offer legitimate free services or assessments we are jaded and reluctant to participate.  Sometimes it feels like Charlie Brown when he goes to kick the football and Lucy pulls it away.


Is it just me?  Am I naïve?


I know that free calls are definitely the carrot and we hope to convert the person to a client; I get that.  But here’s what surprised me.  I delivered a couple of free seminars on target marketing; one for the local chamber and another for a networking group.  At the end I offered a free ½ hour assessment of their target market.  I asked them to sign up if interested and several did.  Now here’s what surprised me.  After thanking them for signing up and suggesting several possible dates and times, no response.  I contacted them again and still nothing.  If they were that afraid I’d try to sell them why would they sign up initially?


We all want to get something worth our while for free but have there been so many strings attached so often that we can no longer identify the value and reject it all?


I think I need to figure out an alternative solution.  What are your thoughts? Let me know harriet@trainingsolutions-hlc.com


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