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Purpose + Passion = Customer Value October 11, 2010

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Purpose + Passion = Customer Value


A few months ago I asked people to look at the purpose for their businesses and how it’s reflected.  After reading a great quote from Zappos, I’m asking again.


According to their CEO Zappos is a service company that sells shoes clothing and other things.  Putting the emphasis on service changes the focal point of how they do business.


All too often when I ask clients what their vision is for their company they will tell me it’s to make money.  While I’m obviously not against making money that is not the purpose and think how that translates to your customer.  It says you don’t care about anyone or anything else except the money.


I know my purpose and passion is seeing businesses achieve the results they desire and reaching their goals.  It is most gratifying to me. Knowing that I helped them is what keeps me learning and seeking new tools.  In return my clients appreciate what I do and recommend me to others.


As we head into the 4th quarter of 2010 I ask you to reflect on what your business’ true purpose is; what your customers value that you offer, and how you describe your passion.


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