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WHEN GOALS WORK!!! September 15, 2010

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When Goals Work!!

This week I saw in action again how goals truly are the driver to both personal and business success.

She doesn’t know I’m doing this but I want to tell you about Julie Harvey also known as The Space Master.( check her out at http://www.thespacemasters.com) .  This year has seen a lot of changes for her.  When I had her write her goals in January one of them was to compete in the Malibu Triathlon September 12.  No offense Julie but this was from someone who was not a frequent visitor to the gym or an athlete.

I watched her focus on the outcome step by step, implementing the programs she needed to complete her goal.  She had a few setbacks but she kept right on and this past Sunday she completed the triathlon.

Julie is a great example of setting goals, doing your work, checking the progress and hitting the milestone. She is a great inspiration.  Oh and she is using the same formula in her work.

One of my goals was to complete a series of e-books for those of you who want to get business basics for all levels of business. They will be selling for nominal prices.  I want to create an initial series of 10 and I’m finishing #4 and #5

What goals did you set in January or whenever and what have you achieved?  It’s never too late to get back on track. Even if you don’t achieve the huge goal what smaller milestones can you complete?


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